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Oressence treatment
Face and body ritual 350 zł

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Oressence treatment – face and body ritual

A unique, invigorating, personalised face and body care ritual, which stimulates and restores energetic harmony. It activates three kinds of vital energy: Flow, Thoughts and Bio’cell to ensure their perfect harmony. A relaxing body massage with a combination of nine plant oils, a three-phase face massage: aromatherapy pressure, aromatherapy drainage and aromatherapy massage – and a face mask with flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and wheat germ, which all combine to provide fantastic relaxation for the body and mind and leave the skin smooth and moisturised.

Information: Duration 120 minutes

Aroma Blend is not currently available.

Aroma Blend – energy boost for the body

An energy-boosting programme, tailored for individual needs, which models and firms the body and leaves a lasting effect. The treatment affects both the body and emotions. A root scrub cleanses the body, fragrant massage perfectly relaxes and the wrapping mask leaves the skin comfortable and nourished for a long time.

Information: slimming/firmness (+ fruit scrub + firming/slimming mask: 120 minutes).