Relaxing massage and Aromatherapy Associates body treatments

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A relaxing body treatment for those who need regenerating and pampering skin care. It intensively nourishes dry, grey and tired skin. The treatment comprises of a stimulating body scrub with algae and  combination of 3 creamy butters and oils from pachouli, vanilla and frankincense. The aromatherapy massage will ease any pressure to help you relax deeply. Particular care will be provided for dried hands and feet. The finishing touch is a relaxing head massage.

Information: Duration 120 min.

Aromatherapy massage

The modern world and fast pace of life result in stress, hurry and tiredness, so we search for relief in relaxation massage and other similar techniques. Nothing will sooth our frayed nerves or anxious thoughts like a fragrant classic all-palm treatment. Maraga Strefa Spa in Poznań will help every client relax in the way they need. The body is treated with Aromatherapy Associates brand cosmetics. Who is the aromatic massage recommended for? Typical recommendations include tense muscles, chronic tiredness or a need to improve our mood and get an energy boost. Relaxing sessions are popular with those who enjoy this way of spending leisure time, regardless of age and sex. They are absolutely safe and if used regularly, they can help not only get rid of stress, but also moisture the body and make it firm.

Relaxation treatment effects

One of the most enjoyable forms of relaxation is aromatherapy massage. Essential oils from the substances used in massage sooth our senses and help unwind. When spread on the body surface their aroma reaches our nerve endings, inducing a fabulous mood and relaxation. Also, thanks to moisturising characteristics of those valuable cosmetics, even the driest skin absorbs a wealth of life-giving water. A scrub combined with manual application on the body also provides invaluable help in fighting defects such as cellulite. When the grains exfoliate the upper, dead layer of the epidermis, they also stimulate blood circulation. The treatment is completed with head massage, whose aim is not only to deeply relax the client, but also stimulate hair bulbs to grow. The aroma of vanilla, patchouli and Boswellia tree pampers your sense, helps you unwind and calm down.

The techniques used by experienced masseurs help to improve health and general well-being. In the classic version of massage, i.e. performed by hand, they can sense spots on the body (mainly in the back), where the muscles are most tense. Loosening up of such spots is recommended for those with a sedentary lifestyle, i.e. working at a computer. After a two-hour massage the body is well cared for, the skin is nourished, blood circulates faster and you are deeply relaxed, as was the aim. It is recommended to use the treatment regularly, in several series.