It all started in the 1950s, when the French doctor Michael Pistor was the first to perform an innovative intradermal injection with a technique he invented himself. Originally those injections were to treat migraine and various pain syndromes. A breakthrough occurred 20 years later, when dermatologists, and then aesthetic medicine doctors became interested in this method. At first the injections were used in dermatology to treat hair loss and psoriasis. Along with technological advance and better and better access to active substances which are safe for skin, intradermal injections have settled in renowned beauty salons and the best aesthetic medicine clinics.

The needle therapy offered in our SPA in Poznań helps to supply the skin with valuable, active nutrients by a series of subtle injections with specially prepared vitamin cocktails. We use only the best-quality and completely safe formulations of well-known brands. A composition of the substance applied is individually prepared for a particular patient and fitted to their skin’s needs. Such a tailored therapy is the most effective and guarantees the best effects.


Treatment Price
1 capsule, 5 ml ampoule 500 zł
2 capsules, 5 ml ampoule 900 zł
Cytocare 715 ampoule 5ml 800 zł
Cytocare 715 2 ampoules 5ml 1400 zł
Lower eyelids – puffiness 300 zł / zabieg
Lower eyelids – flaccidity, wrinkles 300 zł / zabieg
Lower eyelids – shadows 350 zł / treatment
Biorevitalization, reduction of wrinkles, restoration of firmness and improvement of skin density, hydration, skinbooster 500 zł
Removal of discoloration 450 zł
Cellulite 450 zł / 1 amp
400 zł / 2 and more amp
Alopecia, hair loss prevention 450 zł / 1 amp

800 zł / 2 amp

Rejuvenation of hands – brightening, reduction of discoloration and age spots, elimination of skin laxity 500 zł
Moisturizing the lips 700 zł

Tissue stimulators

Treatment Price
Restylane Skinboosters vital light 1 ml 850 zł / 1 amp

2 ml 1400 zł / 2 amp

Restylane Skinboosters vital 1 ml 900 zł / 1 amp

2 ml 1600 zł / 2 amp

Juvederm Volite 1 ml 1300 zł / 1 amp

2 ml 2200 zł / 2 amp

Prostolane Natural B 2 ml 900zł / 1 amp

4 ml 1600zł / 2 amp

Aquashine BTX/PTX 2 ml 900zł / 1 amp

4 ml 1600zł / 2 amp