We perform medical peels (face, face, neckline, back, hands) rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle, remove discoloration, heal acne, acne scars and facial erythema. They also allow you to look for enlargement of the pores, and thus contribute to the formation of excess sebum.


Treatment Area Price
Peeling with glycolic acid 50/70% face 350zł
Retinol peeling 4% face, neck and cleavage 300zł
Peeling with pyruvic acid 40 – 60% 250zł
Peeling TCA chelate 20/30% 700zł
Peeling TCA chelate 20/30% (face) face 300zł
Yellow peel 650zł
Alfa Beta Compleks Gel (ABC Gel) 250zł
Xylogic peel 200zł
Retix C 250zł