Treatment Price
Biological manicure (without polish) 40zł
Classic manicure (without polish) 50zł
Classic manicure with classic polish 80zł
French manicure 90zł
Gel Break by OPI manicure: 3-phase treatment for weakened nails, damaged after hybrid application 80zł
Classic polish 40zł
French polish 50zł
Hybrid polish 80zł
Nail filling 20zł
Hybrid manicure/French hybrid manicure 110zł/130zł
Combined hybrid manicure 130zł
Decoration with Gel Color OPI manicure 5 zł
Extending nails with gel on a form 150 zł
Repairs 110 zł
Putting gel on a natural nail plate 110 zł
Gel on form + hybrid 170 zł
Repairing gel on a form + hybrid 140 zł
Gel on a natural plate + hybrid 150 zł
Removing gel + manicure without polish 80 zł
Removing gel 40 zł
Decoration 10-40 zł
Removing hybrid polish put on in another parlour 30 zł
Correction of hybrid polish older than a week (price per nail) 10 zł
IBX system – first application 30 zł
IBX system next applications 20 zł
KLAPP gloves: a mask in the form of gloves to nourish damage hand skin. It contains e.g. sesame oil, safflower seed oil, jojoba, olive oil, shea butter, honey extract, vitamin E. 40 zł