Face cleansing

Face cleansing will help you get rid of unwanted blackheads and make your face fresh and delicate. Check us out! Come to our Poznań SPA and try classic cleansing treatments. The treatment starts with softening the skin with warm steam, manual removal of impurities and a mask of algae. Depending on the face the treatment can be expanded with effective cavitation peeling and sonophoresis.

Zabieg Cena
Face cleansing + mask 150 zł
Face cleansing + cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + mask 200 zł


Cavitation peeling and sonophoresis

Cavitation peeling

Cavitation peeling is becoming more and more popular as a face cleansing method. The technology uses an ultrasound wave, which in combination with a delicate tonic creates bubbles of warm air. They increase in size and burst suddenly. Under heat and increased pressure the skin is thoroughly and absolutely pain-free cleansed of the deposited layer of hard epidermis, toxins and sebaceous gland excretions. The method does not need warming up, so it can be safely used in care of sensitive and couperose skins.


Ultrasound vibrations of low power and frequency are emitted by special heads, which massage the skin. Thanks to ultrasounds penetrating deeper into the tissue, capillaries dilate, cells are better supplied with blood, and consequently – with oxygen and nutrients. Cell membranes permeability increases, and this is used to introduce active substances from cosmetics, selected for the skin’s particular problem out of moisturising, nourishing, normalising and anti-wrinkle substances.

Zabieg Cena
Cavitation peeling+ sonophoresis 100 zł
Cavitation peeling+ sonophoresis + mask 130 zł
Cavitation peeling+ sonophoresis as an addition to a selected facial treatment 80 zł
Cavitation peeling as an addition to a selected facial treatment 50 zł
Cavitation peeling+ nanomask (biocelulose moistured with active substances enclosed in nanosomes) 150 zł