Treatment Price
Body Scrub
Grapefruit and Cranberry Salt Scrub
Contains dried cranberries that have a lifting effect, slow down the aging process, and enhance their immunological resistance. The scrub gently exfoliates the skin, restoring proper hydration.
100 zł
Mango and Calendula Salt Scrub
Indispensable for dry and rough skin. Mango extract provides excellent moisturization, and marigold petals have additional antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
100 zł
Lime and Algae Salt Scrub
Rich in amino acids and microelements from algae (chondrus crispus) that give the skin a healthy and radiant appearance. Additionally, the aroma of lime adds energy and refreshes the body.
100 zł
Scrub + Body Massage
Scrub + Body Massage 320 zł
Scrub + Body Massage – Secret Candle 370 zł
Scrub + Body and Face Massage
Scrub + Body and Face Massage 400 zł
Scrub + Body and Face Massage – Secret Candle 420 zł