What is hyperhidrosis?

Sweating is a natural and desirable process for our body. It helps eliminate toxins and prevents excessive heating of the skin. We sweat when we experience stress or when we are in a high-temperature environment. However, what if sweating becomes a sign of a medical condition? In such cases, appropriate treatment becomes necessary. In our aesthetic medicine clinic in Poznan, we perform effective treatments to address excessive sweating throughout the body.

Treatment Price
Underarms and Hands Azzalure/Bocouture: 1700 PLN

Alluzience: 2100 PLN

Forehead, Groin, Chest Azzalure/Bocouture: 1200 PLN

Alluzience: 1500 PLN

Sweating reduction (if it is not a medical condition, but the patient wants to reduce sweating, usually applicable to the underarm area) Azzalure/Bocouture: 1200 PLN

Alluzience: 1500 PLN