Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansing will help you get rid of unwanted blackheads and give your skin a fresh and delicate appearance. Come to our Poznań-based SPA salon and try our classic facial cleansing treatments. The treatment includes loosening the skin with warm steam, manual removal of impurities, and an algae mask. Depending on the needs of your skin, the cleansing treatment can be enhanced with an effective cavitation peeling and sonophoresis.

Treatment Price
Facial Cleansing + Mask 220 zł
Facial Cleansing + Cavitation Peeling + Sonophoresis + Mask 250 zł


Cavitation Peeling and Sonophoresis

Cavitation Peeling
Cavitation peeling is an increasingly popular method of skin cleansing. The technology utilizes the action of ultrasound waves. Ultrasound waves, in the presence of a gentle tonic, create bubbles filled with diluted air, which enlarge and rapidly burst. Under the influence of heat and increased pressure, the skin is thoroughly and completely painlessly cleansed from the layer of accumulated dead skin cells, toxins, and sebum secretions. This method does not require heating, making it safe to use for vascular and sensitive skin types.
Low-power and low-frequency ultrasonic vibrations are emitted by special heads that massage the skin. Thanks to the penetration of ultrasound waves deep into the tissues, blood vessels expand, supplying cells with blood, oxygen, and nutrients. The permeability of cell membranes increases, which is utilized to deliver active substances from cosmetic preparations. They are selected for specific skin concerns among moisturizing, nourishing, normalizing, and anti-aging cosmetics.

Treatment Price
Cavitation Peeling + Sonophoresis 130 zł
Cavitation Peeling + Sonophoresis + Mask 170 zł
Cavitation Peeling + Sonophoresis as an addition to selected facial treatment 120 zł
Cavitation Peeling as an addition to selected facial treatment 80 zł
Cavitation Peeling + Nanomask (biocellulose mask infused with active substances enclosed in nanosomes) 250 zł