Academie Facial Care Treatments

We highly recommend the facial care treatments by Academie. These cosmetic rituals have been developed for various skin types with specific needs. The active ingredients in Academie products effectively target the core of skin issues, restoring a natural, healthy, and fresh appearance.

Treatment Price
Earth Touch
Cleansing treatment designed for oily, problematic skin with excess sebum production. It immediately purifies and normalizes serum secretion. The propolis ampoule used in the treatment inhibits bacterial growth and prevents the formation of blackheads.
320 PLN
Blossoming Linden
Vascular-constricting treatment designed for sensitive and vascular skin. It eliminates excess water from tissues and strengthens blood vessels. The ampoule with horse chestnut concentrate, cypress cone, and linden extract soothes irritated skin and reduces redness.
320 PLN
Tea Garden
Treatment designed for mature skin. It contains a cocktail of active ingredients that counteract skin aging. The white tea extract with antioxidant properties and the active ingredients in the ampoule with omega 3-6-9 acids help prevent the formation of wrinkles, regenerate the skin, and stimulate repair processes.
320 PLN
Honey Temptation
Intensely moisturizing and nourishing treatment for dehydrated skin. The mask with honey extract and the ampoule containing hyaluronic acid provide comfort and hydration to the skin. Fine lines caused by skin dehydration are smoothed, and the skin radiates a healthy glow.
320 PLN